Our Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Our Mission

At Alto, our goal isn’t to be good; it’s to be the absolute best.  We take pride in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and mutual respect.  We approach every project with a passion and knowledge that benefits our clients, vendors and employees.

Our History

The reputation that we have built is important to us, and it came from decades of hard work, and intense focus on quality and above all else customer service. The history of Alto Construction is unique and a humorous story, that most may not know, yet it encapsulates important life and leadership principles. A long-time Tampa resident, Mr. Beltram of Beltram Supply, known to many as “Pops”, told me “if you come to work for me after two years you will be able to start and run a business for the rest of your life based on the principles that I’m going to teach you”; those principles laid the foundation for who we are today.

Here’s where our mission began. After working two years with Mr. Beltram, I was driving near the Sulphur Springs Tower in Tampa and rear-ended Phil & Susan Altopiedi. We started talking, and what would appear as chance, began a journey. We decided to go into business together and Alto Construction Company was formed. Phil Altopiedi taught me the ropes of asphalt paving and grading.

About UsPhil began teaching me how to properly repair potholes in parking lots, we then started filling in the middle of the old concrete ribbon driveways, fixing concrete sidewalks and hiring day labor from the streets of downtown Tampa. Every project was a stepping stone to the next one. The projects and the business continued to grow, and in August of 1984 we incorporated, changing Alto from a handyman style operation to a company with a vision for the future. Through trial and error, the knowledge and skill in the asphalt paving business grew from pothole repairs to complete parking lot renovations to small underground drainage utility work. During the mid-1980s, we took on a project for the School District of Hillsborough County called “PECO Projects”, which were small parking lot repairs throughout the school district’s schools and offices as they had the funds to do them. We have been working with the school district off and on since. As we became more established, larger earthwork and asphalt paving projects, parking lot sealcoating including underground drainage utility work came our way. Our largest sealcoat project in the early 90s was $130,000 for Hillsborough Community College, which was sizeable for this time. In 1991, as Phil pursued other interests, I bought out his shares of the company. From this point on, Alto continued to grow in size and capabilities. In March of 2000, I received my underground utility license, thus launching Alto into becoming a leading middle market site development company in Tampa Bay.

There have been many individuals that have invested their knowledge and skill into Alto Construction; I credit my success to the two individuals that mentored me early on, Pops Beltram and Phil Altopiedi, laying the foundation for the future. Phil Altopiedi was a remarkable individual, when we met he was in remission from Hodgkin’s disease previously given one year to live, but he was more than a cancer survivor. He was a 30+ year survivor. Although we were no longer business partners, he remained a friend until he passed away September 24, 2011. Thank you both for investing in me!

What Makes Us Exceptional? Why Us?

Self-Performing & Timely

We work quickly and meet all project deadlines because we do 95% of our work in-house, getting the job done right the first time.

Fast and Flexible

As a performance-driven company, we have complete control over our projects; with adaptability to meet the unique needs, challenges and changes in every one.

Always Top Quality

Our insistence of top quality ensures superior workmanship from beginning to end, with state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Commitment to Professionalism

With a consistent commitment to professionalism and a low turnover workforce, we are highly organized and approach every job with knowledge and passion.

Our Team

Our leadership team has a combined total of over 250 years of experience. Each person on the team has superior skills in management and customer service, along with a great deal of experience in site development, underground utilities, and concrete and asphalt paving.

Senior Management

Stewart G. Smith


Chris Palamidis

Director of Operations

Robert A. King

General Manager

Estimating / Project Managers / Sales

Jack Miller

Chief Estimator

Shelby Baker

Senior Estimator/ Project Manager

Nick Wright

Project Manager – Utility Division

Sean Thatcher

Asphalt Division Manager

Gary Lewis

Sales Manager

Ken McBride


Field Management

Jeff Hunter

Field Superintendent – Utility Division

Jimmy Kazmier

Field Superintendent – Earthwork Division

Robert Gibson

Field Superintendent – Earthwork Division

Bill Newman

Field Superintendent – Earthwork Division

Marco Sotomayor

Field Superintendent – Earthwork Division

Mike Pfannenstiel

Field Superintendent – Earthwork & Demolition Division

Bill Coffman

Fleet Manager

Administrative Support

Michelle Jung

Comptroller / Accounts Receivables

Beth Jones

Executive Assistant / Marketing / Sales Support

Sharon Thompson

Human Resources

Frances Chambers

Accounts Payable


Alto is known for high quality workmanship, efficiency and professionalism, and we are always hiring new talent to join our team. We are looking for people with experience in site developmentconcrete & asphalt paving, and underground utilities. We hire people who take pride in being the best at their jobs, have a strong knowledge and passion for what they do, and are willing to work as a team no matter the task. If this describes you, and you have interest in working for Alto, apply today.

Click the “Apply Here” button to download the application form and once completed, send it to Human_Resources@altoconstruction.com.