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Your peace of mind is our primary goal. We are competent professionals who deliver top-quality workmanship to complete all projects on time using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. We are organized and adaptable and can easily flex to meet your needs in the face of unexpected changes or challenges. Choose us as a partner and you will see first-hand that our passion, knowledge and professionalism are unmatched in the industry.
Civil Site Development Contractor

Complete Site Development

Alto is a full-service site development company that can develop the infrastructure of your construction site in both the private and public sector. We can manage the many phases typical to a site development project, all with our own personnel, who are highly skilled in earthwork, underground utilities, base work and asphalt paving. For your convenience and peace of mind, we are fully insured with bonding capabilities to meet your requirement.

With multiple crews, we can handle many projects at the same time, and our technology is state-of-the-art. We have a fleet of GPS dozers equipped with GPS modeling capabilities for precise earthmoving, which minimizes the expense of surveying a project site. We have the crews and equipment suitable for a variety of site development projects, ranging from Public work (federal, county, city projects) to private single businesses, multi-business office parks, apartments to subdivision communities and managing the details that go with them all.

We are proud to be your one stop shop for site development and asphalt paving!

Alto has been specializing in the commercial asphalt paving industry since the late 1970s. We can handle new asphalt paving and existing asphalt paving projects from start to finish, no matter what the size. Our crews are highly experienced in asphalt paving and are committed to superior quality workmanship. There are multiple approaches for any asphalt paving project and we will guide you on the best cost-effective solution for your asphalt needs.

The type of asphalt paving project will determine the best method of application. If you have asphalt parking lot questions, we have the answer and suggestions. Whether your project needs milling and paving or standard asphalt overlay (resurface) or a complete remove and replacement of your asphalt parking lot, we can guide you with best approach for the ideal outcome. If your project is a brand new asphalt pavement, Alto is the asphalt paving contractor to choose. We prep the site first to ensure a superb asphalt surface. Then, we will move the project all the way to the finish line by painting the parking stalls, handicap zones (per ADA code), installing car stops, arrows and more.

If cosmetic improvements are all that’s needed, we offer sealcoating to revive a dull asphalt surface thus extending its life until it’s time to replace with new.

Alto Construction was founded on asphalt paving. With our dedication to quality, organization and timeliness, our work will be done quickly and efficiently to ensure that Alto is your preferred asphalt paving contractor for years to come.

Asphalt Paving & Maintenance
Underground Utilities Florida

Underground Utilities

Alto is licensed in the State of Florida for underground utilities and excavation and also licensed by the State Fire Marshal as a Contractor V Underground Fire Protection System contractor. Alto has multiple pipe crews skilled to install any commercial underground utility system. Alto is experienced in all types of storm drainage systems, sewer, water, underground fire mains and lift stations. We work closely with local authorities and engineering firms to install the best materials available and to minimize future problems that might occur.


Alto has extensive experience with concrete pavement, pervious pavement, sidewalks, handicap access ramps and curbs for any commercial project. We are highly adaptable and able to flex to meet the needs, changes and challenges that come with any project. To us, timeliness isn’t a quality that’s just nice to have. It’s a must!

Concrete Florida
Building and structure demolition


Building and structure demolition is another in-house service we provide to any Commercial and Industrial complete site development projects. We tear down the building, maximum of three stories, and separate all materials into recyclable and non-recyclable. Concrete and asphalt is relocated to one of four Alto Concrete Recycling facilities to be recycled into road and base material, a measure to reduce construction debris and need for mined materials. We are confident in our ability to manage large demolition projects with thoughtfulness and precision, leaving no existing building standing.

We are proud to be your one stop shop for demolition, site development and asphalt paving!

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